Pete Reid wins Business Litigation Lawyer of the Year Award

Pete Reid was recently chosen as the Business Litigation Lawyer of the Year in Texas by the International Advisory Experts Publication.  The International Advisory Experts Annual Awards pay tribute to attorneys who have been successful over the past 12 months, and who have received exceptional praise from their peers. Nominations are received from in-house counsel, legal and [...]

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Pete Reid Law Negotiates Below-Market Lease Renewal for South Congress Local Business

Pete Reid Law recently completed a successful lease renewal negotiation on behalf of a long term South Congress business. South Congress remains a must-stroll location for visitors and a popular hangout for Austin residents. However, in recent years the boutique stores and local businesses that give the street its character have come under threat from [...]

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Austin Home Buyer Collects Damages for Undisclosed Condition in Seller’s Disclosure Form

In April 2016, a young home buyer bought her first home from a Seller in North Austin. A few weeks after closing on the sale and moving into the house, and after experiencing some breathing difficulties, the Buyer discovered the existence of mold behind the walls in the master bathroom, in the HVAC closet, under [...]

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East Austin Family Use Adverse Possession to Fend Off Threat of Eviction by Developers

In March 2017, an East Austin Family received a 'Notice to Vacate' from the developers of a neighboring property. The Developers were in the process of tearing down the existing structure and building two new homes on the lot. The Family had lived in the same property in East Austin for more than 55 years, [...]

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Condominium HOA Board Forced to Perform Financial Audit and Pay Attorney’s Fees

Pete Reid Law recently completed the successful representation of a Home Owner in a lawsuit against the Home Owners Association (HOA) that managed her Condominium. For more than a year, the Home Owner had tried unsuccessfully to inspect the books and records of the HOA. She suspected that some of the board members were misusing [...]

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Pete Reid Law Wins Dismissal of Lawsuit Alleging Fraud and Negligence Against Software Developer

An e-commerce company brought a lawsuit against a software developer who it had hired to design and implement the Company’s web platform and dynamic content. The Company’s site featured listings of products and services specifically for seniors. When the Company failed to meet its financial goals, it sued the Developer for more than $625,000 in damages, [...]

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Austin Homebuyer Recovers Purchase Price, Damages, and Attorneys’ Fees After Discovering Misrepresentations by Realtors and Seller.

In April 2014, an Austin Homebuyer purchased an old property in South Austin. The MLS listing described the property as a ‘duplex’, and that it consisted of ‘2/1 and 3/1 apartments’ on each floor. As such, the Homebuyer planned to renovate the property, and then lease the two units to separate tenants. The property was [...]

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How Pete Reid Law Helped Lulu the Dog Find Her Way Home

Lulu is a beloved Great Pyrenees dog who was stolen from the yard of her owner, a documentary filmmaker, one summer afternoon. Lulu was eventually picked up by Austin Animal Control, and wrongly given to a family in Round Rock who claimed to be the dog’s true owner. The Filmmaker had previously retained Pete Reid Law for [...]

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Award-Winning Austin Hair Salon Fails In Attempt To Enforce Signed Non-Compete Agreement Against Former Stylist

An upscale Austin hair salon and spa brought a lawsuit against a former employee and sought an injunction to stop the mother of two from working for one year within a 10-mile radius of the salon. The Stylist had worked at the Salon for only 8 months and was required to sign an Employment Agreement [...]

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Celebrated Austin Club Saved From Eviction Over Loud Music By Pete Reid Law

Located underground in the heart of Austin’s well known 6th street is the acclaimed and lively Barcelona nightclub. For more than a decade the venue has been one of the busiest and loudest features of the Austin live music and clubbing scene. Recently however the club was threatened with closure due to a dispute with [...]

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