Memorandum on the Texas Citizens Participation Act (The Texas Anti-SLAPP Statute).

In lawsuits filed on or after June 17, 2011, a defendant may have the right to dismissal and an award of attorney's fees and costs under Chapter 27 of the Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Code, also known as the Texas Citizens Participation Act or the Texas Anti-SLAPP Statute. SLAPP stands for "Strategic Lawsuit Against [...]

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NYC Nightclub Where Giants And NBA Stars Were Present During A Fatal Shooting Is Evicted Due To Creative Lawyering

A property owner, was plunged into a case involving a popular nightclub where two high profile murders occurred while the New York Giants were partying after a recent victory and many professional basketball players celebrated the end of the basketball strike.  The Landlord hired ALBPC to evict the Tenant for violating the lease and Pete [...]

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Pete Reid Law PLLC secures favorable settlement for boxer in sports litigation with former manager.

Pete Reid Law, PLLC has successfully concluded a multi-state sports litigation matter between a boxer and his former manager over a sports car that was given to the boxer as a signing bonus. The former manager and the boxer had entered into a management contract, which included a promise that the boxer would receive a [...]

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Contractual Cap on Damages Upheld in ‘Storage Wars’ Style Case

The operator of popular self-service storage facilities in Manhattan and was sued by an individual who had stored her property in one of the client's rooms.  After Plaintiff fell into arrears in the payment of her monthly storage fees, the client conducted a sale of the personal property maintained in Plaintiff's storage locker, as authorized [...]

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Elderly Co-Op Resident Entitled to Keep Air Conditioner, Court Decides

An elderly woman can keep the air conditioner in her Queens apartment that eases her asthma and allergies after a judge ruled the cooperative building's demand she remove the appliance or face eviction would constitute housing discrimination. Queens Supreme Court Justice Martin J. Schulman recently confirmed a judicial hearing officer's report that found a co-op [...]

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Judge Tosses Suit Against NYC Islamic Center (CBS News Video)

A judge in New York has dismissed a lawsuit that tried to block an Islamic community center from opening near the World Trade Center site. The New York Times reports that a lawsuit brought by a former firefighter seeking to block construction of the center was tossed out. Timothy Brown had sought to reverse a [...]

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Firefighter Loses Bid to Halt Building of Islamic Center

A New York City firefighter does not have standing to bring a lawsuit against the city seeking to block the construction of a controversial Islamic center near Ground Zero, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Paul Feinman ruled Friday. He found in Brown v. New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission, 110334/10, that firefighter Timothy Brown, an early [...]

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Feature: Scot at centre of ‘Ground Zero mosque’ battle

A young Scottish attorney is at the forefront of a bitter legal battle concerning the building of the controversial “Ground Zero mosque” in New York. Peter Reid, from Glasgow, is defending the Islamic leader behind the scheme, in a wrangle that has split America down the middle. […]

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Department Of Buildings Strict Liability Violation Dismissed For Proving Pre-Existing Condition

A New York City Landlord faced a Department of Buildings violation that alleged the illegal installation of water and waste lines for a bathroom and a gas line for a stove in a building in Queens. ALBPC was retained to defend the Landlord and Pete Reid was assigned to the case. […]

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Mortgage Fraud Claims Against Bank Defeated Through Discovery

A lawsuit was commenced after Plaintiff Mr. Smith transferred his Property to another person, and that person took out two mortgages with US Bank. Plaintiff Mr. Smith then alleged that the conveyance to the other person was fraudulent and that he was duped out of his property. US Bank retained ALBPC to protect against the [...]

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