Award-Winning Austin Hair Salon Fails In Attempt To Enforce Signed Non-Compete Agreement Against Former Stylist

An upscale Austin hair salon and spa brought a lawsuit against a former employee and sought an injunction to stop the mother of two from working for one year within a 10-mile radius of the salon. The Stylist had worked at the Salon for only 8 months and was required to sign an Employment Agreement [...]

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Hair Stylist Entitled to Work at Nearby Salon Despite Signing Non-Compete Agreement

A popular Austin hair stylist recently retained Pete Reid Law after he was sued by his former Salon for allegedly breaching a Confidentiality and Non-competition Agreement. The Stylist had been required to sign the Agreement before he began working with the Salon in 2009. […]

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Teen Wins $235,000 in Tangle with Hair Salon

It should have been a routine trip to the hair salon, but instead Samantha Chesney ended up so badly burned she needed plastic surgery. Now, the Staten Island teenager has won damages totaling $235,000 to settle a civil lawsuit, according to her lawyer. Samantha was 14 in 2004 when she walked into the Allure beauty salon, [...]

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