Pete Reid Law Wins Dismissal of Lawsuit Alleging Fraud and Negligence Against Software Developer

An e-commerce company brought a lawsuit against a software developer who it had hired to design and implement the Company’s web platform and dynamic content. The Company’s site featured listings of products and services specifically for seniors. When the Company failed to meet its financial goals, it sued the Developer for more than $625,000 in damages, [...]

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Award-Winning Austin Hair Salon Fails In Attempt To Enforce Signed Non-Compete Agreement Against Former Stylist

An upscale Austin hair salon and spa brought a lawsuit against a former employee and sought an injunction to stop the mother of two from working for one year within a 10-mile radius of the salon. The Stylist had worked at the Salon for only 8 months and was required to sign an Employment Agreement [...]

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Local Musician Fends Off Developers’ Easement Claims Thanks to Pete Reid Law

Mandy Mercier is a long-time Austinite and an award-winning musician who has worked with the likes of Townes Van Zandt, Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Ms. Mercier’s life was turned upside-down when a group of aggressive real estate Developers purchased an old house in Travis Heights next to her home and promptly [...]

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Pete Reid Law Wins Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Award

Lawyer Ad named "Best Legal Online Video" in Web Marketing Association's 2015 IAC Award Competition. Austin -- Pete Reid Law, PLLC, an Austin-based law firm specializing in business litigation, tech, and sports law, has won an award for outstanding achievement in Internet advertising in the Web Marketing Association's 13th annual Internet Advertising Competition (IAC). Pete [...]

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Boston Legal Drama: Pete Reid Law Triumphs in Litigation Between Boston Company and its Client

Short-Term Solutions is a well-established business similar to HomeAway or Airbnb that provides a listing service for corporations and individuals seeking short-term furnished rentals in the Boston area. In 2012, an Austin-based businessman used Short-Term Solutions to find an apartment in Downtown Boston. He signed a short-term lease agreement with the landlord for a furnished [...]

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Pete Reid Law, PLLC Secures Victory For Austin Homeowner In Lawsuit Against General Contractor

In December 2011, a homeowner hired a General Contractor (GC) to remodel her home in Downtown Austin. However, shortly after construction began, the homeowner was surprised to receive a notice from the City of Austin that the proper permits had not been pulled for the construction site. Despite multiple attempts by the homeowner to engage [...]

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Athletes and Their Trademark Rights Debated at UT Sports Law Symposium

This month, Pete Reid was invited to be a guest speaker at the 4th annual Sports Law Symposium. The event, hosted by the Texas Review of Entertainment and Sports Law (TRESL), took place on September 13, 2013 at the University of Texas School of Law. With video games like “FIFA 14” and “Madden NFL,” the [...]

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Pete Reid Law, PLLC wins one of the first cases in Texas to be decided under new free speech legislation.

After an individual was sued for defamation by a corporation following comments made on Yelp and CitySearch, Pete Reid Law, PLLC has had the lawsuit thrown out based on an individual’s right of free speech, with the judge sanctioning the corporation and ordering it to pay the individual’s attorneys’ fees.   […]

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Memorandum on the Texas Citizens Participation Act (The Texas Anti-SLAPP Statute).

In lawsuits filed on or after June 17, 2011, a defendant may have the right to dismissal and an award of attorney's fees and costs under Chapter 27 of the Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Code, also known as the Texas Citizens Participation Act or the Texas Anti-SLAPP Statute. SLAPP stands for "Strategic Lawsuit Against [...]

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Pete Reid Law PLLC secures favorable settlement for boxer in sports litigation with former manager.

Pete Reid Law, PLLC has successfully concluded a multi-state sports litigation matter between a boxer and his former manager over a sports car that was given to the boxer as a signing bonus. The former manager and the boxer had entered into a management contract, which included a promise that the boxer would receive a [...]

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