Pete Reid Law Wins Dismissal of Lawsuit Alleging Fraud and Negligence Against Software Developer

An e-commerce company brought a lawsuit against a software developer who had designed and implemented its website. When the Company failed it sued the Developer for more than $625,000 in damages. However, after a contentious litigation, Pete Reid Law successfully had the lawsuit dismissed.

Austin Homebuyer Recovers Purchase Price, Damages, and Attorneys’ Fees After Discovering Misrepresentations by Realtors and Seller

In April 2014, a South Austin Homebuyer purchased an old property described as a ‘duplex’. When it transpired that it was not a duplex, Pete Reid Law recovered a lump sum for the Homebuyer in excess of the purchase price paid, the cost of major renovations, and her attorney’s fees.

How Pete Reid Law Helped Lulu the Dog Find Her Way Home

The unusual case of Lulu the dog who was stolen from her owner’s yard, held by mysterious people on Facebook, and then threatened with removal to North Dakota. Pete Reid Law was able to obtain a temporary restraining order against the dog’s captors, and then negotiated her safe return.

Award-Winning Austin Hair Salon Fails In Attempt To Enforce Signed Non-Compete Agreement Against Former Stylist

An upscale Austin hair salon sued a former stylist and sought an injunction to stop the mother of two from working for an entire year within a 10-mile radius of the salon. After a contentious hearing, the Court agreed with Pete Reid Law that the salon was not entitled to the injunction.

Celebrated Austin Club Saved From Eviction Over Loud Music by Pete Reid Law

Located underground in the heart of Austin’s well known 6th street is the celebrated and lively Barcelona nightclub. Recently the venue was threatened with closure due to a dispute with the owner of their building over loud music, until Pete Reid Law secured an injunction to ensure the club never missed a beat.

Local Musician Fends Off Developers’ Easement Claims Thanks to Pete Reid Law

Mandy Mercier is a long-time Austinite and an award-winning musician whose life was turned upside-down when Real Estate Developers sued her and tried to claim an easement through her home. With Pete Reid Law on her side the Developers agreed to drop the case and to pay all of  her costs and fees in full.

The verdict is in: Pete Reid Law makes “arguably the greatest lawyer commercial ever”

This summer Pete Reid Law made its first TV commercial. As Pete told Texas Lawyer magazine,  “I’ve always had the idea to make a lawyer commercial that’s a bit different.” Filmed over two days in June, the ad has had quite an impact.

Pete Reid interviewed for NBC News, Austin American-Statesman; writes for Fox News

In September 2014, Scotland held a referendum to determine whether it should be an independent country. In the build-up and aftermath, Pete Reid was invited to give his opinion on the issues by several national news networks here in the US.

Pete Reid Law Wins Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Award

Pete Reid Law, PLLC, has won an award for outstanding achievement in Internet advertising in the Web Marketing Association’s 13th annual Internet Advertising Competition (IAC). Pete Reid Law earned the IAC Award for “Best Legal Online Video,” capturing the top award in its category from nearly a thousand entries spanning 97 industries.

Lake House Dwellers Threaten Owner, Try to Terminate Early, and Fail.

The tenants of a luxurious lake house demanded that their lease be terminated early for improper reasons and made threats against the owner. The owner hired Pete Reid Law and the Tenants were ultimately forced to pay rent for the remainder of the lease, plus costs.

Pete Reid Law, PLLC secures victory for Austin homeowner in lawsuit against General Contractor

A General Contractor who failed to obtain the proper permits for a home remodel, and who then left an unfinished and poorly build structure on a homeowner’s property, was forced to return the vast majority of the contract price, along with attorneys’ fees, interest, and costs.